10 Pet Friendly Houseplants

10 Pet Friendly Houseplants

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We love plants just as much as we do our pets and even have Bamboo Palm, Money Trees, and Snake Plants. Indoor plants add life and vibrancy to your home and some even have health benefits. If you're thinking of adding more life to accompany you and your pets, we've listed down 10 pet friendly houseplants instead of listing down plants to avoid. 

Is the money tree safe for dogs?

Money Tree

Money may not grow on trees but who wouldn’t want extra luck? Money trees are great houseplants as they are easy to maintain and are safe with pets. Although they are categorized as non-toxic by the ASPCA to both cats and dogs, excessive consumption of leaves can lead to gastrointestinal upset. It is good practice to clean after leaves if ever they fall. 

Fun fact: Seven leaves mean more luck.

Areca palm safe for dogs?

Areca Palm

Beautiful and once an endangered plant species, the Areca Palm is a great accent to have at home. This perineal is also easy to maintain and is safe with pets. The Areca Palm is the perfect replacement for the highly toxic Sago Palm and Japanese Yew.

Fun fact: Absorbs air pollutants.

orchids safe for dogs?

Phalaenopsis Orchid 

Elegant and easy to raise, the Phalaenopsis Orchid is the perfect plant for pet lovers as it is non-toxic. Just add three ice cubes weekly and you’re already good to go. Read more about the Phalaenopsis Orchid.

Fun fact: Stays in bloom for a very long time.

bamboo palm safe for dogs

Bamboo Palm

Need more luck? Just like the Money Tree, the Bamboo Palm is also known as the Good Luck Palm. This lucky palm is also considered by the ASPC as a non-toxic house plant. Do note that the Bamboo Palm can grow up to 6 feet tall.

Fun fact: Removes indoor air pollutants.

burro tail safe for dogs

Burro’s Tail (Donkey Tail Succulent)

If you’re a big fan of succulents, the Burro’s Tail is a good one to have around pets as it is non-toxic. This house plant looks great when on a hanging basket and the leaves itself can be propagated to grow more plants.

Fun fact: Tiny red flowers grow seasonally on this plant.

Spider tail safe for dogs

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a stylish beginner friendly plant that is safe with pets. You can find this house plant typically hanging on a pot. This plant grows best in temperatures ranging 65°F – 90°F but resilient enough to grow in 35°F.

Fun fact: Great indoor air cleaner. 

bromeliad safe for dogs


Easy to maintain and safe for pets, the Bromeliad is a beautiful plant with varying flower colors. It’s easy to grow that someone without a green thumb can pull it off. You won’t need any special tools or watering methods for this plant. Read more about the Bromeliad.

Fun fact: Blooms last a long time.

polka dot plants safe for dogs

Polka Dot Plant

Bring some pet safe vibrancy to your house with the Polka Dot Plant. This plant looks like a Poinsettia, but without the toxicity. Just make sure your dogs don’t eat the leaves as it can cause gastrointestinal upset if eaten excessively.

Fun fact: Comes in different colors.

zebra haworthia safe for dogs

Zebra Haworthia

This Aloe Vera looking plant is a safe non-toxic substitute. Think of it as a textured Aloe Vera that you can have around pets. It’s easy to maintain and very aesthetically pleasing too.

Fun fact: They’re related to Aloe!

 elephant foot safe for dogs, pony tail safe for dogs

Pony Tail Palm 

Known as the best air-puryfing house plant according to NASA, the Pony Tail Palm is a great non-toxic addition to your home. This plant is easy to maintain and won’t require moist soil.

Fun fact: It’s a succulent.

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